Kagurabachi: Meme or Manga Sensation?

In the dynamic realm of manga and anime, it’s not uncommon for a series to capture the collective imagination of fans, rapidly gaining popularity through a wave of memes and internet buzz. One such recent phenomenon is Kagurabachi, a manga that skyrocketed in popularity just after its debut chapter. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intriguing tale of Kagurabachi, the memes that surround it, and the important critique it offers regarding the current state of shonen manga storytelling. Additionally, we’ll discuss the impact of the meme on its popularity and its potential effects on manga sales.

The Kagurabachi Sensation

Kagurabachi’s ascent to fame was nothing short of remarkable. With only two chapters released, this manga managed to captivate the hearts of readers and ignite a whirlwind of excitement across the anime and manga community. It was hailed as the “best manga of all time” by many, a title rarely bestowed upon a series with such limited content to judge. But what precisely catapulted Kagurabachi to such heights?

A Manga Panel from Chapter 2 of Kagurabachi

The Meme Phenomenon


Comments comparing Kagurabachi to Morbius in terms of meme are floating all over the net

To unravel Kagurabachi’s sudden popularity, we must first explore the world of memes. Memes, as we all know, are humorous, often satirical images, videos, or text that spread like wildfire across the internet. Kagurabachi became the epicenter of attention due to the memes it generated, playfully mocking its seemingly conventional plot and character archetypes. These memes, in a witty and satirical manner, criticized Shonen Jump, a renowned manga magazine, for consistently delivering stories that felt repetitive and formulaic. New series were frequently dubbed as “just another Naruto.”

Kagurabachi’s Shonen Jump Critique

Beneath the surface of these memes lies a profound commentary on the state of shonen manga, particularly those featured in Shonen Jump. Shonen Jump, renowned for producing iconic series like Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach, had seemingly fallen into a predictable pattern. Stories frequently followed the journey of an outcast who would inevitably rise to become a hero, adhering to a well-trodden narrative formula. Kagurabachi, with its apparent adherence to these tropes, emerged as a symbol of this oversaturation.

The Impact on Kagurabachi’s Popularity

Paradoxically, Kagurabachi’s popularity soared precisely due to these memes. It quickly secured the number 5 spot on Manga Plus, showcasing the memes’ tangible effect on its readership. This phenomenon can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, reading a single chapter of manga demands far less time and monetary commitment compared to watching a full-length feature film, akin to Morbius, which experienced a similar meme-driven surge in popularity. Secondly, the memes served as a form of unconventional advertising, piquing people’s curiosity and enticing them to explore Kagurabachi to see if it lived up to the satirical hype.

Cultural Disparities

Interestingly, the Japanese response to Kagurabachi’s meme-driven popularity has been primarily one of bewilderment. In contrast, many in the Western world eagerly embraced it as a meme, with some even going so far as to fabricate a mock interview with the author, Takuru Hokazono, to further fuel the meme’s fire. Though the authenticity of this interview remains unverified, its mere existence underscores the Western fandom’s appetite for the Kagurabachi meme.


Kagurabachi’s journey from meme to manga sensation not only underscores the power of internet culture in shaping media popularity but also serves as a significant commentary on the current state of shonen manga, where formulaic storytelling has become somewhat routine. Whether Kagurabachi will maintain its newfound popularity or recede into obscurity remains to be seen. Nevertheless, its narrative beautifully exemplifies the ever-evolving relationship between manga, memes, and fan engagement in the ever-dynamic landscape of anime and manga culture. In an era where new series are often met with skepticism, Kagurabachi’s unexpected success reminds us that the world of anime and manga is brimming with surprises, and sometimes, even the most unassuming-looking series can defy expectations.

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