World Cosplay Summit in India

The World Cosplay Summit is an annual international cosplay event, which promotes global interaction through Japanese pop culture. On June 1, 2024, the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) India Qualifier 3 and final took place at the Lajpat Bhawan Auditorium in Delhi. This event was a display of creativity, skill, and dedication, bringing together some of the most talented cosplayers from across the country. The winners of this prestigious event will have the honor of representing Team India at the next stage in Japan, competing against the best cosplayers from around the globe.

The Rising Popularity of Cosplay in India

The World Cosplay Summit in India is a testament to the growing popularity of cosplay in the country. Over the past few years, cosplay has evolved from a niche hobby to a mainstream cultural phenomenon. More and more people are embracing this art form, showcasing their love for anime, manga, and video games through meticulously crafted costumes and performances.

A Platform for Talent

Cosplay events are now a regular feature at comic conventions, gaming expos, and other pop culture gatherings, further cementing its place in the cultural landscape.

Events like the WCS provide a crucial platform for cosplayers to display their talents and gain recognition. They also foster a sense of community, bringing together like-minded individuals who share a passion for cosplay. These events are not just about competition; they are about celebrating creativity, craftsmanship, and the love for fictional characters.

A Kaleidoscope of Performances

Teams of Cosplay Performers

The performers were registered in pairs and first they have to explain their entire cosplay to the judges with every tiny detail on how they built it. The cosplays were from popular shows like Naruto, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, Solo Leveling, and games like Sekiro, Devil May Cry, and Zelda. All the participant took to the stage, embodying their chosen characters with passion and precision.

The Winning Duo: Team Dream Chasers

Team Dream Chasers alongside the Event Judges Donald Zacky and Vipin Aryan

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the performance by the winning team, ‘Dream Chasers,’ consisting of Reuben and Puia from Mizoram. Their portrayal of Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju from Naruto was nothing short of spectacular. With impressive self-made VFX and photoshoots for background video that were tailored to their performace, they brought the epic battle between these two legendary characters to life, the props for the giant susano and wood golem were just cherry on the top leaving the audience in awe.

How was your World Cosplay Summit Experience?

For WCS Experience, lets see, WCS has been held over many years now in India since 2016, seeing from the root, i can see that cosplayers are growing so much in terms of costume making and giving effort to the performance, acting, prop making, character portrayal, etc. etc.

Meeting so many talented and kind-hearted cosplayers was one of the highlights of the event. Everyone we met was humble and supportive, creating an atmosphere of companionship and mutual respect. We exchanged ideas, shared techniques, and learned so much from each other, forming bonds that will last well beyond the competition.

Winning the final competition and earning the honor to represent India at the World Cosplay Summit 2024 is a dream come true. It’s a proof to our hard work, dedication, and love for cosplay.

What are your thoughts on Future of Cosplay In India?

Yes if we keep going on and keep our high standard when judging the cosplayers I’m sure India can be on top 3 soon. This makes me happy to see, as a cosplayer who’s has been around for 11 years in cosplay field. India is improving to be one of the best soon. Many of you may see our performance just now, we all can do better than that, for now we may look good to set a high standard for future cosplayers, I’m sure we can be on top of the world too. Our WCS event was awesome, it can be exciting and more hype if we can band together from current organizers to throughout north east region organizers. If Talented people can band together by hosting a huge cosplay event not by base only money, but by base hosting true fans who truly love cosplay and all its related categories, I’m sure we can built something like Japan did right now! Cosplay is fun who understand the cosplay element who truly love cosplay both perspective of being an organizer and a competitor. The future of cosplay in India is growing strong every year! Only if we can keep politics aside and keep promoting our champions who truly deserve the title, our cosplay community can grow bigger and bigger! It wont be long India can be the next mini Japan.

~ Puia R. Siakeng | Insta ID: @puia_r_naru

As for the future of cosplay in India is incredibly bright and full of potential. Indian cosplayers are pushing the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship, producing some of the most epic and imaginative costumes seen on the global stage. The level of detail and skill in their work is truly astounding, and it’s clear that the community is dedicated to continue improving their craft. In terms of performance, Indian cosplayers are also stepping up their game. Each event showcases more dynamic performances, demonstrating not just a passion for cosplay, but a deep understanding of the characters and stories they bring to life. The enthusiasm and talent within the community are inspiring, and it’s exciting to see how they are evolving.  The future holds limitless possibilities, and I am thrilled to see what incredible creations and performances will emerge from India in the coming years.

~ Sakata RyuBen Danny Graham | Insta ID: @sakataryu


The World Cosplay Summit in India was a resounding success, showcasing the immense talent and passion of Indian cosplayers.

Cosplay in India is not just a hobby; it’s a celebration of creativity, fandom, and the love for fictional worlds.

With winners like ‘Dream Chasers’ set to represent India on the global stage, the future of cosplay in the country looks incredibly bright. As more people embrace this art form and the community continues to grow, we can expect even more spectacular performances and innovative creations in the years to come.

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